Pension Plans

Thinking about adopting a defined contribution pension plan for your employees? We can advise you concerning the defined contribution plan requirements and plan compliance with IRS and DOL regulations. Do you currently have a defined contribution plan with low participation? Talk to us. We may be able to find alternatives to increase contribution without failing the mandatory actual percentage deferral (“ADP”) testing requirements.

In certain circumstances, defined benefit and contribution plans require an audit to comply with D.O.L. regulations.  We can assist you in complying with your regulatory requirements. Our audit services include maintaining the highest level of professional development to bring you excellence in audit efficiency and effectiveness. We utilize an audit risk based approach to auditing by  obtaining an understanding of your accounting internal control structure and based upon the knowledge obtained, we assess the strength and weakness of your existing accounting internal control structure and develop an appropriate audit plan.

In complying with the audit requirement, some plans qualify for a less intensive audit called a “DOL Limited-Scope Audit.” This type of audit is less in scope than a full-scope audit and benefits the employer/sponsor by decreasing the audit time to complete the audit service.