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Tax Consulting  Services | Projection and forecasts

Businesses often require outside assistance in preparing internal budgets, forecasts or projections. We can assist you prepare a budget or complete a forecast or projection.

Tax Consulting Services | Cash Budgeting & Management

Managing cash requires a review of company control procedures involving cash receipts and cash disbursements both company wide and by departments. Cash inflows and outflows are influenced by operational requirements and can be affected on seasonal needs. 

 Tax Consulting Services | Inventory Analysis

Proper inventory management is essential to ensure that a company has sufficient inventory on hand to meet the needs of both its customers and its operations.

Tax Consulting Services | Pension Plans

Thinking about adopting a defined contribution pension plan for your employees? We can advise you concerning the defined contribution plan requirements and plan compliance with IRS and DOL regulations. Do you currently have a defined contribution plan with low participation?