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Non Profits face a challenging financial and regulatory environment.

Nonprofit organizations provide needed resources and services to communities and individuals.  These nonprofit organizations are facing their own struggles with tax and regulatory compliance. With limited financial resources, nonprofits are forced to find new and innovative strategies to raise and spend money.

Anthony Apodaca Accountancy can assist your organization by providing consulting and auditing services solutions. A properly designed audit can significantly reduce the time and effort to complete an audit, which lowers the costs to the organization.

We work year round with management and board of directors in developing sound strategies to help them adapt to a landscape altered by changes in regulations and funding models. Anthony Apodaca Accountancy advises on a wide range of issues, regarding non profit tax services,  including:

  • Proper organizational structures for new revenue streams
  • Filing requirement to organize new nonprofit organizations
  • Complex compliance issues impacting organizations
  • Fiduciary responsibilities of nonprofit boards
  • Proper governance practices
  • Form 990 compliance
  • Comprehensive nonprofit tax services

Apodaca CPA is looking forward to providing you with excellent non profit tax services!