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Looking for help to structure or organize your non-profit entity? Ask about our non profit tax resources.

We are expert in non profit tax resources and we are here to help you. Directing a non-profit organization (NPO) requires knowledge of federal and state income tax compliance and filing requirements with certain state agencies.  As a fiduciary of a non-profit organization, you assume responsibility for the proper reporting and expending of public contributions, as well as complying with various state business law regulations.

If you are the Executive Director or a board member of a tax-exempt entity, the following are topics you should be aware to comply with IRS regulations:

  • Are board members considered employees for wage and withholding purposes
  • Can board members serve dual capacity as a board member and an employee
  • How are board members to be reimbursed for travel while conducting business for the tax-exempt entity
  • Which IRS mileage rate can a board member use
  • Under what circumstance should a 1099MISC be issued to a board member
  • What are the rules and tax consequences of “private inurement” transactions
  • What is the tax consequence of “self-dealing” transactions

Take advantage of our expertise in non profit tax services! We can assist you with your non-profit organization audit compliance requirements as well as your federal and state income tax inquiries, and in complying with governmental non-profit organization audit requirements required under the Single Audit Act.

Our clients include non-profit organization entities in multi-family housing projects, including section 202 and 811.

Here are several valuable non profit tax resources from our non profit tax  resources center :

Annual Filings for California Nonprofit Organizations

Effective January 1, 2005, California has implemented the Nonprofit Integrity Act of 2004 (SB 1262) designed to tighten financial management and governance of charities and non-profit organization and prevent fundraising abuses by non-profit organizations. Visit the California Attorney General’s publication “Guide to the Nonprofit Integrity Act of 2004.”

1. California Attorney General
Form: Form RRF-1
Due Date: 4½ months after end of fiscal year
Address: Registry of Charitable Trusts
PO Box 903447
Sacramento, CA 94203-4470
Information: (916) 445-2021
Web Site:
Filing Fee: $0-300 (depending on revenues)
If gross receipts is:
-between $20,000 and $100,000, filing fee is $25;
-between $100,001 and $250,000, filing fee is $50;
-between $250,001 and $1 million, filing fee is $75;
-between $1,000,001 and $50 million, filing fee is $150 – $300, depending on gross receipt level.
Charitable corporations organized and operated primarily as hospitals, schools, or religious organizations are exempt from filing.

2. Internal Revenue Service
Form: Annual Return Form 990
Due Date: 4½ months after end of fiscal year
Address: Internal Revenue Service
Ogden, UT 84201-0027
Information: (800) 829-1040
Forms: (800) 829-3676
Web Site:
Filing Fee: $0
Public Charities: if revenues under $50,000, file 990-N; If revenues between $50,001 and $199,999, submit Form 990EZ; If revenues equal or greater than $200,000 or assets equal or greater than $500,000 submit Form 990.
Private Foundations:  submit Form 990PF, regardless of revenues.

3. California Franchise Tax Board
Form: Form 199 (Exempt Organization Annual Information Return)
Due Date: 4 ½ months after end of fiscal year
Address: Franchise Tax Board
PO Box 942857
Sacramento, CA 94257-0701
Phone: (916) 845-4171
Web Site:
Filing Fee: $10 (exceptions apply)
Form: Form 109 (Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return)
Due Date: 4½ months after end of fiscal year

4. California Attorney General
Form: Independently Audited Financial Statements
Due Date: 9 months after end of fiscal year
Web Site:
Filing Fee: $0
Note: Only charitable corporations with gross revenues of $2 million or more in a fiscal year are subject to this requirement.

5. California Secretary of State
Form: Form SI-100 (Statement of Information)
Due Date: Bi-annually before the end of the calendar month during which the original Articles of Incorporation were filed
Web Site:
Filing Fee: $20

Apodaca CPA is looking forward to being your #1  non profit tax resources center!